Something spooky for Halloween. I made a new outfit for my mayor and was feeling sad about my lack of smash bros. Toss in an old picture i took back when i first started playing New Leaf and this is what happens

Tell me if its too dark i’ve been staring at it so long i can’t tell anymore

yes hello please direct me to the nearest dumpster because I am anime trash.

Went and bought Bastion back when it was like 3 dollars and wow what a beautiful game.

Maybe some day in the future I’ll draw something better than this for it.

Been playing a lot of flight rising recently. Too much flight rising. So of course dragon gijinka.

I saw that color palette meme going around and wanted to draw something with it but searching for the actual thing would have taken me too long so I just grabbed some colors and drew “oc head facing the left”

My brain is full pokemon mode right now.

Me and my starter as team flare members. My original preferred evil team was team rocket but team flare is just too stylish. Also fire is my element of choice. 


Braixen and Delphox gijinkas because I wanted to try and draw them in a way that wasn’t obviously “a witch and a wizard” but could still be sort of like a witch and a wizard

VIA pyromaniaxe
ORIGINALLY pyromaniaxe

When in doubt draw bird people (or maybe just Ibi, seems she’s my go to muse when I don’t know what else to draw)

I was minding my own business, listening to Christmas music while I was doodling and my brain suddenly went “Stop drawing your ocs, draw some other peoples ocs” So that’s what I did.

Merry Christmas cool dudes I admire from afar, I guess????

Fun fact: “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” started playing while I was coloring Sven haha.

Olive and Opal

Olive is possessed by a super chill ghost and Opal is a demon or a mutant or something and has a stupid mullet thing.

This is stupid I’m stupid

Remembered some things from Fire Emblem Awakening decided to doodle something angsty

Some (most???) of my characters because sometimes I forget which ones are still floating around in my sketchbooks and what they even look like because most of the time I just sit and muse about them rather than actually draw them.

Captions are fun


I’ve been playing pokemon to distract myself from the fact that I probably won’t be getting Dual Destinies until Christmas /sobs

Anyway here’s that one pokemon professor everyone likes

VIA pyromaniaxe
ORIGINALLY pyromaniaxe


These guys are side characters or something like that.

This art just kind of happened and then I forgot about it almost immediately.

VIA pyromaniaxe
ORIGINALLY pyromaniaxe